Ladies, we are changing the face of cannabis

I'm a perfectionist and an overachiever, it's kind of my thing. ⁣

Ok, ok....I'm slightly OCD. But here's the's helped me stay focused on my design projects in the past and I use it as my personal secret weapon when it comes to designing cannabis accessories. There is no substitute for attention-to-detail! ⁣

These days, building a beautifully appointed female-focused cannabis business can be tough work! I find myself reaching out to MY tribe of bad ass women often and sometimes in a panic as new challenges come down the pipe almost daily. I believe in the future of cannabis and the brave people paving the way. ⁣

This a revolution ladies. We are changing the face of cannabis. We are eliminating the stigma and replacing it with power. We are taking the fear out of the unknown and replacing it with knowledge. ⁣

For those of you out there hustling, keep going and be brave. And remember, cheer each other on with ALL your heart! ⁣