Cannabis Induced Paranoia

Cannabis Induced Paranoia

You know me.  I don't get high during the day (no judgments to those who can and do) unless I have a creative, no-meeting kind of afternoon lined up.  But when the sun goes down, it's game on.  Lately, my evenings have been filled with social commitments, some with friends, others with cannabis and design related events.  Striking a balance between a light and casual high vs a face melting paranoid high has taken a little bit of practice, but I think I've got it nailed. ⁣

Cannabis-induced paranoia is a real life thing for many people, particularly newbies.  In fact, it is one of the top reasons many of my girlfriends have yet to swap their wine for weed.  But there is a ton of research now showing that cannabis can help with social anxiety. ⁣

If you are not mentally in a good place, cannabis can help you get there.  Alternatively, it can quickly take you deeper into your personal rabbit hole of fear and loathing. But I truly believe this plant can help with social anxiety, in fact, I know it can.  Like many things, it just takes a little practice.⁣

And with practice, you can learn to pace yourself. For me, that's been a huge focus.  I don't want or need to be hungover, so I often opt for cannabis over wine, but if you are heading into a social situation and feel unsure, start low and slow. ⁣

I have been hosting little pre-parties at my apartment before the girls and I head to dinner.  We do a mini-hit from my favorite pen, hang out and wait to make sure everyone is truly feeling good.  If everyone is in, we head out into the world, if not, we call caviar and order in. But what this has done is given us all a safe place to experiment with what works.  Getting a feel for your personal tolerance makes a huge difference when it comes to your cannabis experience. ⁣

Grab your girl gang and let me know how it goes! ⁣

xo, ⁣

kelly ⁣