Three Ways to Make the Perfect Cannabis Cocktail

This is the summer of 2020 where we stay close to home, making epic Spotify stations and hone in on our craft cannabis cocktails game.

Three ways to make a cannabis cocktails:

1. Open a can of @getcann. It's already perfectly mixed with a low dose amount of THC and the perfect sparkling water and essence. It's as easy as it gets and will be residing in my mint colored @coleman travel cooler all summer long.

The KISS Cann Cocktail:

Lavender + rosemary can of Cann
Pour over ice
Garnish with something sexy

2. Use a non-alcoholic base and add CBD or THC tinctures. This is more of an art than a science, so start slow. I like to begin with @seedlip non-alcoholic beverage as my base, then add mint, muddled strawberries, and 3-12 drops of cbd/thc tincture.

Let me start by saying there are SO many gorgeous brands out there! I'm loving alcohol-based tinctures for cocktails and Humbolt Apothecary's Blues Away 3:1 tincture promotes a positive mood and supports relief of stressful or anxious feelings. Let's just say this one has been good to me during Covid. 

My second favorite tincture right now is called MOODS by @trychemistry. I'm using the 1:1 (pink bottle) that is said to make you feel like exhaling, chilling, and cuddling. Made of organic coconut MCT oil, full-spectrum cannabis extract and steam-distilled cannabis terpenes make this one great for taking your mocktail to the next level without the nasty side effects of alcohol. Also, I like this one because the price point is a little softer if you are not quite sure about cannabis cocktails but want to give it a shot without spending a mint.

The Good Girl's Afternoon Delight:
Freshly brewed hibiscus tea
Tarragon simple syrup
Lime juice
Sparkling water
Add a few drops of your favorite cannabis tincture 

3. Go big with a bar cart appropriate bottle of @drinkartet. This one is for the cocktail aficionado who is turning over a new leaf this summer by swapping out alcohol for cannabis-infused aperitifs. (for my favorite recipe, check out linkinbio). This is easier than you may think since the bottle comes with a handy tool that measures out 2.5 mg of THC per shot.  You can do this.  I promise.  Top note: warm spices, Middle note: chamomile and grapefruit, Bottom not: juniper.  

The Artet Spritz:

1 pour of Artet 2.5 mg THC
Sparkling water 
Green Olive 


Need more cocktail ideas?  Pick up a copy of my new favorite CBD book by The Herb Somm, Jamie Evans.  It's gorgeous and filled with recipes + some serious CBD knowledge!

I can tell you this....not having a hangover after a big night of partying changes  EVERYTHING.  Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  Start low and slow by maybe having just one during the week to see how you feel, then ramp up on the weekends when it matters.  Oh, and I KNOW it's tempting, but don't freak out at the last minute and add vodka to any of these cocktails.  The THC will hit, I promise. 

 Good luck, ladies!