Timing Is Everything: Cannabis Onset + Duration

Timing Is Everything: Cannabis Onset + Duration

Tell me when it kicks in....

Do you know how much cannabis to consume or when you will start feeling the effects? This can be tricky, particularly when trying new products or brands.

Inhalation.  Ingestion.  Oral.  Topical.  Transdermal.  We have lots of options when it comes to enjoying cannabis.   

Here is my personal rule book and a basic "what to expect" when you are new to cannabis...

Inhalation- Smoking or Vaping
The medicine enters the bloodstream directly through the lungs.
Onset: immediate
Duration: 2-4 hours

Ingestion- Edibles
Absorption is slow and erratic, meaning, it is different for everyone so buckle up. The result is maximum plasma concentrations usually after 60-120 minutes
Onset: 30 minutes
Duration: 6-8 hours

Oral- Tinctures and Lozenges
These dissolve in the mouth and are not swallowed. The medicine enters the bloodstream through the mucous membranes
Onset: 15-20 minutes
Duration: 2-4 hours

Topical- Lotions, Salves and Oils
These are applied to the skin for local relief so you only get local effects, meaning, the plant doesn't enter the bloodstream, but rather, stays on top of the skin.
Onset: 15 minutes
Duration: 2-4 hours

Transdermal- Patch of Gel
Designed to be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.
Onset: 15 minutes
Duration: 4-12 hours depending on the product