Keeping it Real During Covid

It seems like these days everyone has a suggestion about how to get through these tough times and of course, how to stay connected. Some of the advice I have taken, some I have blown off completely. Sometimes I just CAN'T. ⁠

Here's the balance I have found and the space I have given myself to get through these wild times...WARNING: this list is not for everyone. It's for my people. I know you. YOU will get this. REMINDER: don't do all of these things in one day. It's too much cannabis. Pick one, ladies. ⁠

CBD + Yoga in the morning followed by a walk and weights. Listen, I don't LOVE working out. But I promise you, on the days I muster up the motivation and do it, I feel a hell of a lot better about myself and the state-of-the-state. I've been taking @chemistry CBD morning and night and sometimes mid-day when I feel extra stressed. It helps @sarahbethyoga. ⁠

A walk and a podcast. I cruised through The C-Word podcast @lenadunham on Luminary. The podcast is dark and hilarious. It's about women who society has deemed BAD and the stories behind how they earned their reputation. It's amazing. PRO-tip: it's free for a month and you can rip through the first season of the podcast before it's time to pay. You'll splurge and pay, I'm sure of it.⁠

Clean the house, but go NEXT LEVEL by playing a season of Hoarders on your speakers while you work. Your house will never be cleaner. It feels like a win. Trust me. ⁠

Connect with your person and your kids. Cannabis can help. I love the chic + discrete low dose Petra mints by @madebykiva and at night, I am loving @drinkcann 2 mg cocktails. In fact, my car was overflowing with this product when we delivered last month. It's a fantastic wine substitute and of course, zero hangover. Get some. ⁠

And speaking of getting some, don't forget to find your person and some sexpot as the sun goes down. I've been into @its.quim and @herbabuena_hq sex lube and I love it with a little raw garden like Lemon Haze or the always classic Blue Dream strain.⁠

Drink your coffee. Pick up the pieces. This won't last forever. ⁠