The New Land of Legalization

Happy Day, California!!! 

We are now entering the new world of legal recreational cannabis in the great state of California!  Are you ready to strut into your local dispensary and chat up your friendly budtender like a boss?  If not, don’t worry, I did the heavy lifting and found the most amazing information to help guide you through this exciting new world of legal cannabis!  That is unless you live in LA or San Francisco….we aren’t quite open for business in these cities yet.  But hey, what’s a little red tape?  That’s never stopped a Californian before. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know…

For those who want just the quick and dirty facts, here are the deets. Legalization begins January 1, 2018 for adults 21 and older.

  1. Possess up to one ounce of cannabis flowers, eight grams of extract, or infused food and drink
  2. Grow up to six plants (subject to local restrictions)
  3. Transport personal amounts of cannabis
  4. Gift personal amounts to adults 21 and older

I also highly recommend diving into this quick read below for all of the info you need.  Knowledge IS power.

Your Cannabis Legalization Launch Guide is brought to you by GreenState.  They nailed it and it’s all here in one easy to read article. *additional links if you want to dive deeper into the legislative details

In the meantime….BE BRAVE!  This is my mantra and it applies to you, cannabis newbie.


*Medical Disclaimer* – The information provided herein is provided for information purposes only. As such it cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional.