Edibles for Beginners


Edibles are a commitment.  This is my story.

2.5 mg to start.  And I am serious about this.

If you have never done edibles or it has been a few years, (ahem, you know who you are) buckle up.  Edibles are wonderful and powerful and once you take a bite, there is NO going back.  The commitment is longer than some relationships I have been in, so trust me when I tell you, slow and steady.  Wait for it.  Then wait a bit longer.  Then, after 2 full hours,  take another dose.

About 7 years ago, I began my return to cannabis.  I started slowly with topicals, moved into tinctures and then onto flower and smoking.  I am a person who likes to take things to the next level, so whether it be drugs, alcohol or sex.  The next obvious step for me was edibles.

At first, things went well.  I laughed for hours, had great sex and even went in public.  But then, one unassuming summer night in Lake Tahoe, I went BIG.  I felt like I had mastered the art of consuming cannabis.  I took a chocolate, a hard candy, a smoke and a cocktail and headed off to see The Revivalists at a pint-sized venue on the California/Nevada boarder.  It would have been a great show, but I never made it to through the first song.

Not only did I vomit on my boyfriends pants, I barely made it back to our cabin.  Once there, I was the sickest I have ever been.  I had actual heart palpitations and thought I was having a heart attack.  The only thing that saved me was knowledge. I KNEW  I couldn’t die from a cannabis overdose.

Needless to say, my new boyfriend had to talk me off the emotional and mental ledge. I passed out SIX hours later.

It was over a year before I could touch edibles again. When I did, it was 2.5 mg at a time, a true micro-dose.  Since that awful night, I have micro-dosed over 50 times without incident. I start slowly, wait, then add more if things aren’t as expected.

I use the same two edibles over and over because I get a  consistent experience.  One that I can control.  I do not eat random edibles baked in friend’s kitchens.  I do not eat anything that is not tested, labeled and reviewed by the gangsters that came before me.

I did see The Revivalists on edibles again the following summer.  My boyfriend called it my Redemption Tour.   As the spotlight hit Dave Shaw’s beautiful face and the crowd started to come to life, the clouds opened up and it began to rain.  And then the edibles started to kick in and that’s where it got really good…

I truly believe in the power of going to the next level, whether it be through meditation, yoga, cannabis or “other”.  These powerful tools push us into our existence.  Choose carefully, go slowly, be amazing.



*Medical Disclaimer* – The information provided herein is provided for information purposes only. As such it cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional.