The Brazilian bikini wax

The Brazilian bikini wax

You know how Real Simple Magazine does that section called “New Uses for Old Things”?  Well, I’ve got a new one for you.  CBD, pre-bikini wax service.

Just hear me out…

I wax my box.  I just do.  I like it and I have my reasons.  It’s cleaner, it’s less sweaty in the summer and it elevates my sex life.  Bottom line.

Waxing the box hurts like hell.  I mean, it REALLY hurts.  I recently started using CBD about 30 minutes before my wax and I have to say, it really does take the edge off of things.  Since CBD is anti-inflammatory and helps alleviate pain, this is my new favorite use for an old thing.

Want to know more about CBD for pain management?  Up your knowledge and check out this article from Project CBD 

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