Interior Designer seeks great stash box solution

Interior Designer seeks great stash box solution

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‘Hello honey.  It’s your mother.  I’ve lost my vape pen.”

And so it begins…my mom NEEDS a stash box.  When I suggested this, she says “a-what-box?” She is not alone.

I started storing my marijuana in a scent proof, locking box by an outdoor company called Pelican.  This company is stellar.  Pelican cases are made here in California and are waterproof, scent-proof and childproof. Brilliant, yes.  Hardcore, totally.  Gorgeous, not even close.  These cases are for the outdoorsy types and for bro’s.  Not for ladies who lunch.  Finding a pretty & polished stash box that meets my requirements (odorless and locking) has been trying.

During my endless search for the perfect stash box, I came across a company called AnnaBis.  Annabis has created a line of accessories (aka: fabulous stash bags) that are lined with an aroma-controlling fabric.  I just bought this little darling (The Whoopee) and I am wild about it! The size is just perfect for a vape pen and some good ole fashioned paraphernalia.  The technology is spot on.  It is scent-proof and fits nicely inside of my clutch.  The CEO is Jeanine Moss and I am basically obsessed with her.  What a brilliant solution.

I found a few non-childproof solutions that double as home accessories.   These are good for the party girl without kids or pets, as they have no lock. The Metra Box by Concrete Cat is quite chic, as is the Noir Croc (faux) box from Carla Carstens.

Chic + discrete.



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