Mellow Out

Mellow Out


Last night, instead of drinking, I had 5mg Mellow around 7:00.  It was perfect. Let me explain…

The 5mg Mellow makes for a great night.  The Mellow took about 15 minutes to start kicking in.  I felt the full effects after about an hour.  The feeling was chill and I felt high, but not too high.   For me, this is the perfect place to be when consuming edibles.

I had purchased this box of edibles because, as a designer,  it stood out to me on the shelves of my local dispensary.  The box is simple and pretty. What is inside is nothing short of fabulous.  The Mellows are perfectly shaped mini marshmallow squares topped with a rainbow of sprinkles.   I had the birthday cake flavor, which tastes only mildly like cannabis and mostly like a marshmallow.  Needless to say, it led to a chill night of laughter followed by great sex!

If you are beginning your cannabis journey, good edibles can be hard to find.  I recommend starting with Mellows and seeing where the journey takes you!

Chic + discrete, xo,


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