"How to do the Pot"

I'm always on the hunt for inspiration + information, especially when it comes to being a cannabis entrepreneur. This morning I listened to a new podcast by the always brilliant @aprilpride called "How to do the Pot"...here are my notes from episode one....

1. Know what's in that pretty bottle sitting on your bedside table. Choose your CBD wisely. Support brands that test their products and are transparent about their production process and ingredients.
2. Know how much CBD to take. I use both Hemp AND cannabis CBD (full spectrum). I am working on a bottle of @trychemistry right now and loving it. It works. It calms me down.
3. Know your farmer (or, at least know who makes your CBD) Mine is made in Oakland, so it is local, which is important to me. Know yours and support yours. #knowyourfarmer
4. Know what to expect, which at first, isn't much. CBD can help with many things, not everything. For me, it has a calming effect, but it can also help with issues like sleep, pms and period cramps and can even curb anxiety...but consistency is key. I take CBD every day in the morning and at night.
5. CBD helps with inflammation in the body. If your CBD has THC in it, that's good too. Small amounts of THC tell the brain that the CBD is working and that the pain is subsiding. If you aren't afraid of a little THC, look for bottles labeled "Full-Spectrum CBD".
5. Read up and listen up. There is a ton of information and misinformation about cannabis right now, so find a trusted source and ask lots of questions. These are just a few take-aways, the podcast is pretty rad, so dig in, ladies....