How to Spring Clean your Cannabis Collection

We spent part of our weekend spring cleaning. I know for many it is still winter, but for most of California, it's been unusually warm weather which for me means spring cleaning!

Is your cannabis collection as tidy as it could be? Mine is! I worked on it this weekend part of my "it's not spring" spring cleaning project. I was guilty of so many cannabis offenses that I thought I would share them so that

What to look for:  expired product, old flower, and items lacking proper labeling should be responsibly tossed out.

As is the case with most organic elements on earth, nothing lasts forever! There are so many wonderful new brands to discover, I say out with the old and in with the new!!

1. Expired product. Your cannabis should have an expiration date on it. If it doesn't, it is probably really old. Throw it away.
2. Old flower. If you have flower that is older than 3 months it should be examined before you use it. Cannabis can go bad, meaning it can grow mold or just dry out. Need to know if your cannabis is expired? Leafly has a great little article along with images to help you make the right decision.
3. Anything unlabeled or improperly labeled should be tossed. In California, all consumer information is required on new cannabis products including expiration dates, batch numbers and a list of ingredients. If you don't see this information, beware! 

Finally, storing your cannabis in an airtight,  locking container is always chic!