Dispensary vs Delivery

This month we are digging deeper into CBD and all things cannabis. Let's face it, there is a ton of information out there and it can be confusing even to the most experienced user. How do you know what to buy, recommend or even try with all of the brands that have launched recently? And once you decide what you want, how do you buy it?

Today's topic: Delivery vs Dispensary

I love going into my local dispensary. I like the human interaction and love seeing what's new on the menu. But a dispensary visit is definitely not for every girl. With budtenders on a limited time crunch, the average interaction is less than 3 minutes. In my experience, that's not enough time to get all of the info you need without feeling totally rushed.

These days, I much prefer utilizing my favorite cannabis delivery service. There are a ton out there, but I can't say enough about the couture cannabis experience from @onalife. Delivery works for me since I am super cozy shopping online and they have an updated and beautiful menu with only the best of the best products. In fact, I believe shopping online for cannabis is the ultimate in chic + discrete living!

It definitely puts the burden back on the user, but I like that. I trust myself WAY more than I trust the average budtender. And guess what? When I have a question about a brand, dosing or what to buy, @onelife has a live concierge service. That's right. An ACTUAL human you can talk to. How great is that?!

When you order online, you also get GPS tracking so you can see when your driver is arriving. The delivery is like FoodJets, but for cannabis, and YOU will love it. Oh, and I am not a paid influencer. Just a fangirl of forever being chic + discrete.