What you need to know about CBD...

What you need to know about CBD...

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Post Pilates recovery is key and CBD tinctures are my secret weapon. I’m loving @trychemistry cbd right now. It’s on my bedside table at all times! 
Whether you are gifting yourself or a friend, here's a few things to remember...

1. All CBD is not created equal. CBD, as it exists naturally, is the same ingredient in both cannabis and hemp, and that's where the similarities end.

2. Hemp cbd is readily available. You can order it online and it can be delivered straight to your door. Chic + discrete. Cannabis (whole flower) cbd is only available in legal medical or recreational cannabis states like California. It is not available to be shipped across state lines, so you have to shop locally.

3. All cbd should tested for potency, pesticides and mold. This is a HUGE point. If your packaging doesn't state that your product has been tested, it most likely hasn't, and you should reselect.

4. Buy from a reputable supplier, dispensary or delivery service who will have your product available when you need to reorder. Nothing is worse than running out of medicine that is working only to find you can no longer find it at your local dispensary or online.

5. Journal what is working, your dosing schedule and what you like and dislike as far as flavor profiles and effects. I use @goldleaf to track my experiences both with cbd and recreationally with thc and edibles.

6. Be brave. This is YOUR body and cbd is an incredible medicine that can help with exercise recovery, sleep, relaxation, social anxiety, focus, pain management and the list goes on! Once you get cozy with using cbd, you can ditch the ibuprofen and aspirin, which can be hard on your body and have lots of long-term side effects.