Over 100 Terpenes, Here are a Few of My Favorites....

I have a killer sense of smell....it's one of my secret weapons, and I use it often. ⁠⠀
Softly shamed and completely schooled by my favorite female farmers, I quickly learned to identify a Limonene from a Pinene! (It was for the best, right!) ⁠⠀
Terpenes (pronounced TER-pen-eez) are the compounds that give cannabis it's distinct smell. Our bodies love cannabinoids, but they love terpenes even more! Terpenes are naturally consumed in fruit, spices, beer, and perfumes. Take a stroll down the essential oil aisle at Whole Foods, those are terpenes! ⁠⠀
Terpenes contribute to the effects you feel and overall sensory experiences – including smell and taste. As you try different strains of cannabis, you’ll begin to detect distinct aroma and flavor profiles -similar to wines. ⁠⠀
Cannabis contains over 100 terpenes, here are a few of my favorites.... ⁠⠀
PINENE is found in most cannabis strains ⁠⠀
Smells like: pine⁠⠀
Promotes: alertness and memory retention. Topically: antisceptic.⁠⠀
Internally: relieves symptoms of asthma⁠⠀
LIMONENE: Found in juniper, peppermint, rosemary and the rinds of citrus fruits like lemons⁠⠀
Smells like: citrus⁠⠀
Promotes: stress relief and mood elevation Topically: antifungal and anti-bacterial⁠⠀
Internally: treats gastrointestinal issues, heartburn, and depression.⁠⠀
LINALOOL: found in lavender.⁠⠀
Smells like: floral or citrus⁠⠀
Promotes: calming, anxiety relief with a sedative quality.⁠⠀
Internally: anti-convulsant and anti-depressant⁠⠀
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