How to shop for cannabis like a boss

Cannabis is changing and it's time to study up and know how to properly work your way through an online menu or a dispensary like a big girl.  This has gone beyond strain snobbery and chic white pens.  We need to talk shop...

Where are you shopping for your cannabis? A dispensary or delivery?  Either way, how do you find the brands you have come to love?  I think for this and so many other products it's ALL about brand awareness.   You need to know what's safe, makes you feel amazing and cures what's ailing you.  That's it, right?

So, if you are just getting into cannabis and trying new things, let's identify how to find the safest, highest quality products possible.

The vape pen is the ultimate chic + discrete item and I keep it in my bag at all times.  But when you go to buy yours, make sure the cartridge is loaded with Co2 extracted, organically grown cannabis oil and that your pen is made with C-cell technology.

C-cell is "ceramic cell" technology.  Simply put, it is the heating element that heats up the oil when you vape.  If your heating element is metal, you are literally smoking metal and all of the contaminants that go along with it. Sooooo...ask your budtender, or better yet, be proactive and look up your favorite pen to see how it is made. 

If your packaging is labeled "CO2 extracted", that's GOOD!  Extraction is how we get the cannabis oil out of the plant and into your pen cartridge.  CO2 extraction methods are the industry go-to for well-made products and as of today, this is the cleanest extraction process out there. 

Organic is not yet a thing in cannabis because the US does not allow USDA Organic Certification for Cannabis....YET!  However, look for brands that farm with organic farming practices, and if they do, it will most likely say so on the packaging or in their brand story online because they are proud of how they treat the land and the plant. 

Does your cannabis have an expiration date and batch number?  It does expire so look for fresh batches that have been recently packaged.  Has your cannabis gone through third party testing for things like mold and pesticides like Carbofuran?  It costs around $1000 a strain for a cannabis farmer to run these tests on their flower and it makes the cost a bit higher per lb, but it is so important to know what you are putting in your body!

Like most of medicine these days, the burden is on the consumer/patient to know what is safe, so before you pop into your local dispensary, do your research. 

Knowledge is power and will keep you safe, ladies.