Your Next Essential Cannabis Accessory

Lately, I can’t stop thinking about handbags. It must be in the air because handbags are back in a big way.

“No matter how the world turns, people will still need to carry things.” Susan Casden told Town & Country

While the It Bag may have been getting some R&R from the spotlight while we all quarantined, handbag sales are now nearing pre-pandemic levels. Shoulder bags, crossbody bags, and clutches have all blown past spring and summer 2019 seasons. Handbags are increasingly seen as the investment pieces we’ve always known they were. 

After working and socializing from home, we’re not only trading in canvas totes for handbags, but also forgoing fast fashion for thoughtful, upgraded, and timeless pieces. Legacy luxury brands like Cartier and Bulgari are entering the arena. Chanel is considering limiting the number of handbags a customer can buy per year due to soaring demand (and perhaps to curb the soaring resale market, too). It’s clear that high-end handbags are reclaiming their spot as essential accessory right as we enter into a new era of evolving fashion and personal decoration.

We’ve seen this show before. Times of crisis lead to an inflection point in self-decoration. The 1920s roared in with Art Deco and flapper’s accessorized to excess after WWI and the 1918 Spanish Flu. What are we seeing now? A changing worldview of what fashion means: no longer driven by ephemeral trends, but by long-term investment and personal values. We’re seeking timeless, well-made bags that can stand the test of time and showcase our values.

“In the aftermath of the past year of turmoil, the most compelling draw for handbag-heads proved to be not a signature clasp, label, or material but rather an attribute: discretion. Conspicuous displays of wealth are out, petite talismans of taste are in.” Leena Kim in Town & Country.

As a San Francisco interior designer, attention to detail is my life’s work. I founded KellyGreen with a mission to create petite talismans of values and taste for cannabis consumers like me.  I think I own every stash bag ever made.  Or, at least it seems that way.  I searched hi and lo and couldn’t find anything that represented my group of girlfriends or spoke to me personally.  As it turns out, none of the storage solutions I came across were pretty enough for my handbag.

This is my inspiration for KellyGreen and our debut project I have been developing over the past two years.  If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that KellyGreen is the realization of my dream for all women to experience the healing and recreational power of cannabis.   I believe the key is arming women with the most beautiful cannabis accessories on the market and a bit of education to ensure a successful experience.

The inaugural product is a thoughtfully designed, make-up bag sized pouch that is scent-suppressant and will save your ever-so-precious handbag from utter disaster--I doubt that a Birkin with some eau de Sour Diesel will fetch top dollar at Christies!

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What we designed is beautifully and thoughtfully solving the problem of cannabis storage for women. Has it taken years to develop?  Yes.  Was it worth the wait?  Absolutely.   

The hand-bag saving, scent-suppressant feature is just the beginning. This pouch is a game-changer from its thoughtful design to its meticulous hand-blocked Michelle Pereira fabric. It is an embodiment of our values at KellyGreen: chic, discreet, functional, and gorgeous.

“We’re no longer looking for the season’s ephemeral It Bag as much as we are a timeless carry-all that embodies our values as shoppers and needs as humans. We hold our investment pieces to a higher standard today, as we seek items that combine function and durability, ethics and sustainability, and of course, style.”    - Vogue

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