My Secret to Drinking Cannabis Beverages (all night long)

It might be time to try swapping your wine for weed.  I know, I know.  It's hard and honestly, wine to weed isn't apples-to-apples.  Especially because it is not socially acceptable in all circles (or states!) 

I have been somewhat successful at swapping my wine for craft cannabis for a long time but the truth is, I am a recreational drinker.  I love the social aspect of happy hour cocktails or champagne at brunch.  These things are deeply and socially engrained in my lifestyle.  That said, I have tried many of the cannabis beverages on the market in California and have a few recommendations. 

Here's what I have learned along the way, cannabis products I have tried most recently and what works best for me. 

I love low dose edibles.  My personal definition of low-dose is 2.5 mg or less. (everyone is different-more on that later)  Cannabis beverages are considered edibles and the latest and greatest are fast acting, so unlike some of the other edible options like gummies or chocolates that take several hours to kick in, beverages like Cann and Artet only take 20-30 minutes.  It's not the same feeling you get from that first sip of wine, but it also isn't a super drawn out"wait-to-party" problem we often get with traditional edibles. Let's be honest, when you want to feel altered, you want to feel altered sooner rather than later. 

Did I mention I am a bit of a cannabis light weight?  It's stressful, actually.  I go to parties and people assume I can consume a ton of cannabis, but that isn't the case at all and in fact, it has gotten my into trouble before.  Knowing what works for YOU really is how we stay safe with cannabis.  

Here is my secret tip to partying all night on cannabis beverages. When I want to drink cannabis and everyone else is drinking wine, I simple add sparkling water to my cannabis beverage to cut it in half.  (2 drinks per can instead of 1) That takes me from 2.5 mg down to 1.25mg and I can safely pace myself with my cocktail or wine friends.  It works.  I particularly recommend this for newbies, but for my lightweights, this is going to be my forever recommendation for handling low dose amounts of THC over a long night of partying. 

The best part? In the morning, you'll feel one million times better than your wine loving friends! 





ps. I shop ONA for my cannabis beverages. If you are in Northern California, so can you!