Yes, I put it there....

It's Sexy Sunday, ladies!

You know that feeling where you feel you have hit saturation on a certain subject and you kinda know all there is to know? And then that other feeling when you learn something new? I LOVE that....

Last week I learned a few new things about using cannabis products, particularly lubricants with thc and cbd in them, for sex.

Cannabis has some serious anti-anxiety inducing properties when smoked or consumed orally that allow you to feel at ease and often even a little brave. There are also a ton of pain-relieving properties for people in need of help with vaginal dryness, inflammation relief or pain from penetration. It also promotes increased sensation from vasodilation. Specifically designed to intensify sensation, increase libido, and serve as a proactive vaginal health supplement, if you are down with cannabis, you should give cannabis lube a try.

But first, here's what you need to know...

1. Not all cannabis lubes are created equal. Glycerine, paraben and fragrances are a red flag when shopping for cannabis lube. Look for products that are well labeled and use ingredients you recognize.

2. Lubes with cannabis have an expiration date. This one was a huge "aha!" moment for me. I mean, when you think about it, of course they expire! Look for products with expiration dates. A good rule of thumb is to toss any lube after 6 months. Best practice would be to USE it before it expires!

3. Why 6 months? Because cannabis can begin to mold, and the last thing we want is mold on or inside our bodies. This was HUGE for me. I was like "oh my, yes, of course!" and then I promptly cleaned out my bedside drawer!

4. Everyone is different. Just like it took you years to find the right vibrator, it will take a few trial runs to find the right cannabis lube. I have tagged a few products currently on my bedside table, but the verdict is still out on my favorite. Frankly, I am looking for some new (stronger) options to try.

5. Most natural lubricants are oil-based which CAN NOT be used with latex. Oil naturally degrades condoms so be careful and talk with a partner before using and selecting a lube. Oh, and don't forget, these products work wonders on men too!!

6. Like storing cannabis flower, store your cannabis lube in a cool dark place. If you leave it in your car or in the heat, toss it and start fresh. Your body will thank you.

There is a ton of medical information about cannabis and women's health, I am just scratching the surface here. So this Sunday, find yourself, your person or a friend + some cannabis-infused lubricants and I'll see you on Monday!