Mixing it up this Weekend with Cannabis Cocktails

Cannabis cocktails. Not cannabis AND cocktails. Got it? Mixing isn’t a good idea unless you are a PRO. And you aren’t. Not yet. ⁠

Here’s what you need to know about mixing it up this weekend...⁠

Cannabis gets you high, alcohol gets you drunk. Got it. With cannabis cocktails, it will take longer to feel the effects than when you smoke or vape your cannabis. The timing is similar to edibles, and depending on your personal metabolism, regularity of use, and other factors, it can take up to an hour or two to feel the high from a cannabis drink. Did you hear me?! An hour or TWO! ⁠

Once it kicks in, it lasts a loooooong time, so buckle up because you are in for a long ride. The effects could last five to six hours, and it’s not uncommon to feel the effects well into the next day. THE NEXT DAY! ⁠

Here are a few solid tips if you plan to mix it up this weekend...⁠

1. Try this at home. Once you get the hang of it, you can venture out, but if you are new to cannabis cocktails, proceed with caution. ⁠

2. Low and slow is always best. Start with mocktails as opposed to cocktails and add small amounts of cannabis to see how it goes. Adding alcohol is not recommended. ⁠

3. Now wait....it can take time to feel the effects. ⁠

4. I favor tinctures for making cannabis cocktails. You can control the experience and dose of thc and I find it easy to whip up a drink at home. Start here! ⁠

For the ultimate in cannabis drink inspiration, pick up this book by the ultimate cannabis alchemist @warrenbobrow ⁠

Happy weekend! ⁠