When does the hustle become the grind?

When does the hustle become the grind?

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It's Friday!

I am nestled into the Lost Sierra Mountains this weekend and working from my hotel room today.  Sounds good, right?  But the truth is, even though I'm tucked away and cozy, the weekend is upon me and I don't have a ton of planned relax time.  As entrepreneurs, do we make enough time to relax and reset?

At what point does the hustle just become the grind?  I know first and foremost, I should be grateful for the opportunity to be an entrepreneur in America, and I am, truly.  But I am also realizing this past year was a bit too stressed.  So, as I work on my 2019 plans and manifestations, I am including cannabis wellness and relaxation, vacations and mini vacations whenever possible. How does your 2019 look so far? 

Are you already feeling behind and burned out and realizing it’s only the 11th?! Let's all breathe, shall we? 

xo kelly