I switched from wine to weed and here is what happened..


Last night I attended a non-cannabis related event that was part work/part play.  After my first glass of wine, I switched from wine to weed.  It can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you are a little buzzed on wine before you do it.  Many cannabis experts will tell you not to mix alcohol with cannabis, and for good reason.  Things can go sideways quickly, leaving you more intoxicated then you anticipated. For me, it was an easy decision, I didn't want to be hung over in the morning.

I had an absolute blast, talked shop, laughed, didn't feel anxious in any way and this morning, I feel fresh as a daisy! Here are my go-to tips for choosing weed over wine in social situations.


  1. Smoke with friends and always have a smoking partner. This way, you have another person to check in with if you suddenly feel too high.
  2. Use decorum. Touch base with your hostess.  Ask if she is comfortable with her guests smoking cannabis.  She will appreciate your decorum and grace, particularly if she is not a fan of cannabis.
  3. Remain chic + discrete. From hosts to other guests, not everyone appreciates the pungent smell of cannabis.  Be respectful.  Stay outside a few minutes longer than you think you need to.  Never bring strong or unwanted odors back into the party.
  4. Know what you are smoking. Ask a few quick questions like "how will this make me feel" and "what strain is this" before you decide to go all in.
  5. Start slow. I get teased, but I don't mind! Safety first!! For me, trying a new strain is fun, but I always start with one hit, then wait 10 FULL minutes to see how it makes me feel. If I’m good, I’ll have a second or third hit.
  6. Pro-tip: If you feel a twinge of social anxiety coming on, pull back and do these three things.  Drink water.  Breathe.  Take some CBD.  CBD counteracts the effects of THC and will bring you back down to planet earth.

For a full list of the best strains for socializing, link in bio!