Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap

I used more cannabis products this week than I ever have in my entire life. Here's what happened.... ⠀

Sore, tired and a bit burned out, I was driving home from the final stretch of my "top secret design project in the woods" yesterday and thinking about all of the ways cannabis helped me this past week. My list of ailments is a bit long, slightly age-related and definitely fueled by stress. Also, physical labor is no joke and without cannabis, I'm not sure I would have pushed through.⠀

My long list of ailments was as follows...⠀

1. Aches and pains from installing furniture⠀
One day I used a high concentrate CBD tincture to take the edge off of those aches and pains. The next I used a low THC/high CBD capsule and it lasted about 6 hours and kept me feeling pain free.⠀

2. Strained back⠀
I used a topical salve on my husbands back when he had a serious muscle spasm and at night, we smoked the Beboe Downtime pen so we would both have a good night's sleep and wake up rested. ⠀

3. Dry skin and unrecognizable mountain hands ⠀
I used the June skincare line on my entire body and hands. It did the trick! No more cracked and dry skin!⠀

4. Drinking games⠀
Night one I smoked my vape pen in lieu of drinking. I was so proud of myself. Night two, I completely overdrank. Being hungover on a Thursday is no joke. Had I started with some California cannabis, I would have avoided that morning fog altogether! ⠀

5. Recovery ⠀
When I WAS hungover and foggy, it was full-circle with a CBD tincture. I recovered in record time!⠀

How has cannabis helped you push through long work weeks and body aches? ⠀