CBD for pain: Going into the weekend with some CBD for my ache body a testament to today's killer pilates workout @auburnpilates #pilatesbody⁠⠀
I love these chic + discrete little CBD pens that will never get you high and usually cure what's ailing you. I like the Downtime pen by @beboefamily on those rare nights where I can't sleep and this @wildflower_wa_plantsheal option for relaxing at home after a stressful workweek. ⁠⠀
CBD for dry skin: I'm keeping my face serum on the counter all weekend as a reminder to reapply often to my face and neck. I have been going back an forth from the city to the mountains and my skin is dry and confused. This always does the trick. Oh, and I use this at night to avoid morning chest creases! ⁠⠀
Show and Tell: These are my favorite CBD pens to cannabis show-and-tell. This weekend I'll be with friends and the question about what I am using right now. From the cocktail bar to the campfire, we are talking all things cannabis! I carry a small odorless pouch in my purse with my favorite items, and like comparing lipstick colors in a make-up bag, we will be comparing cannabis products!⁠⠀