This is the New Look of Recovery...

It's Wednesday, here's how it's going to go....⁠⠀
I am incredibly sore from Monday's pilates class. (STILL!)⁠⠀
So this morning I am hydrating and reaching for my CBD in lieu of ibuprofen.⁠⠀
Here's how my countertop looks today....⁠⠀
Humbolt Apothecary full spectrum CBD ⁠⠀
Mary's Nutritionals Freeze (for pain spots)⁠⠀
Vertly CBD body lotion⁠⠀
I should feel better shortly, and with NO high. It's a workday after all. This is the new look of recovery. From athletes to morning pilates body enthusiasts... ⁠⠀
Be amazing, ladies. ⁠⠀