Cannabis Etiquette and the Rules of Engagement

I have retired my “rośe all day” t-shirt, but summer is upon us, and knowing how to swap your wine for weed is simply a matter of manners.  It’s what we are talking about at the office, in the drop-off line, and at dinner, and here's my take on how to do it with grace...⠀⠀

But first, quick story.  I was at a party a few years ago and one of the guests walked in and started immediately smoking from a cannabis vape pen. Within seconds, the San Francisco penthouse that I had meticulously designed for my client was filled with the smell of cannabis. All eyes were on this rude cannabis smoker, THEN, all eyes were on ME.  I was the lone cannabis lover in a room of wine aficionados and cocktail goddesses.  I panicked, grabbed the gentleman by the elbow and briskly escorted him to the balcony.  He looked at me and said “it’s legal in California”. It was in that moment I knew that cannabis etiquette was in need of a serious tune-up.⠀⠀

It’s 2019 and cannabis is everywhere. As in all of life, etiquette and manners matter. Are your cannabis manners socially acceptable? ⠀⠀

Here are my favorite takeaways from @lizziepost new book Higher Etiquette.  

1.  Discretion is still key, so always remain #chicanddiscrete

2.  There is an entire lexicon around cannabis, but the botanical name for the plant itself is "cannabis" and this is the most respectful term for the plant. 

3.  When attending a party, always ask the host if consuming cannabis is ok with them before lighting up.  

4.  Watch the smoke...meaning, where the smoke is traveling.  Assuming you are consuming your cannabis outdoors,  being mindful and keeping it away from entrances to buildings and homes, open windows is respectable practice.  

5.  Know the basics of a "session" (it's when everyone is consuming cannabis the same way, usually in a circle, and like most etiquette, it matters) 

6.  Passing etiquette is similar to dinner etiquette, pass in one direction don't skip anyone, and don't forget to keep passing! 

7.  Offer a person cannabis once.  If they decline, do not ask them again.  It's pushy and can come off as quite rude.

8.  Declining cannabis without being snobbish is important and declines should be handled with grace.  A simple "thank you, I'm good" will always be well received. 

If you want to know more, pick up the @higher_etiquette book, it's adorable and looks so stylish and smart in my cannabis library!