Sexy Sunday Sexpot

Haven't had it GOOD in awhile?  I have a suggestion....sexpot.  That's what I call cannabis that promotes connecting, excitement, arousal, orgasm, laughter and's magic.  Here's what I know....
Work, laundry, kids, more work...exhaustion.  And not once in a while, EVERY night.  And then you want to shower and freshen up and be amazing AND look hot in bed because you love your climb in and all of a sudden, your head hits the pillow and that's it, you're asleep. 
It happens, but there's something you can do. It's not always perfect, but it helps SO much when getting in the mood, connecting, staying in the mood or going another round.
Sexpot is worth investing in.  Here are a few of my go-to's for a fun Sunday night...
1.  Flower:  Grand Daddy Purp, Northern Light, Blue Dream, and Sour Diesel
2.  Pen:  Bloom Farms Sativa 
3.  Lube:  Foria Pleasure lube 
4.  Attitude: good, giving and game 
Feeling insecure tonight?  Try some Shining Silver Lights.  This is a fast-acting sativa strain that offers a nice cerebral high and can help you overcome any insecurities you may have. In the bedroom, this translates to confidence, playfulness, and overall fun experience.
XO Kelly