Rainy weekend strains...


I like to buy cannabis on Fridays heading into the weekend. If I want a strain for exercise, recovery, focus, sleep, creativity, recreation or sex, I stock up before the weekend begins so I have what I need!
Today, my list is looking fairly well rounded. Here's what I am into for the rainy weekend at home...

1. Flower: Lemon Sour Diesel (“Lemon SD” when you order from your bud tender) which for me is euphoric, totally happy, connected and chatty, but not TOO chatty
2. Edibles: @getmellows low does edibles for a mellow, popcorn and a movie evening at home
3. Sexpot: @quim.rock self-care cannabis lubricant for Sunday and all of the days leading up to Sunday

I will be heading over to @apothecariumsf later today to pick up my loot (except for the lubrication. That will be coming directly to my doorstep via @getsava)
Happy Friday! 📷 @permanentglimpse