Sexy Sunday

Sexy Sunday

It’s Sexy Sunday, y’all! ⠀

I swear, the last six months have been a complete blur. I’ve been hunkered down designing a resort in the mountains of the Lost Sierra AND creating the most gorgeous accessories company cannabis has ever seen. ⠀

We opened the resort Friday (fully booked!) and as I drove away, I felt a tinge of sadness and then...excitement. I’m excited to get back to city life and hit the road to find the best boutiques on each coast to carry our KellyGreen candles, trays and cannabis storage bags! (Road trip schedule to follow, let’s connect!) ⠀

Projects out of town are super fun. But the space between the stress of life and work left less and less time for connecting. I have to say, even in the thickest of the chaos, we worked hard to squeeze a sexy Sunday in whenever we could. Not ideal, right?! ⠀

This Sunday we have some social commitments, but we will make time to connect late night and I suggest you do the same....find your person! Make it happen. It matters.