A message for my fellow female cannabis leaders!

Hello my fellow female cannabis leaders! Its Wednesday, how are we holding up? To be honest, work has been pretty wild lately, but alas, that all ebbs and flows, doesn't it?! ⠀⠀
I think these are incredible times to be involved in the cannabis industry. Leaders are stepping forward like never before under the safety of legalization and the teams that are being built are world class. I know, I know, I am in a bubble. But from my feed to my state (The Golden State), businesses are picking up steam! I am seeing so many beautiful products that work so so well, meeting incredible women who care about the plant and seeing it all come together in beautiful and visually digestible packaging. It ALL matters. ⠀⠀
Every week I am layering in new ways to use cannabis, from cbd to thc, the options are so much better than even a year or two ago. ⠀⠀
With growth comes change, and we are the change, ladies. Keep pushing. Keep evolving. And remember, #bebrave