Palm Springs to Coachella Weekend: The Guide

Palm Springs to Coachella Weekend: The Guide

I love a good festival. But I love eating and shopping even more.  Good times are about to happen @coachella April 14-16 and April 21-23 so if you're heading down to Palm Springs, do this....

Eat at Bar Cecil but get your resie now if you want a seat at our favorite restaurant in PS. A solid back up is Sandfish Sushi + Whiskey  however, last weekend we were trying to squeeze into Bar Cecil and right as we started making sad faces and realizing it wasn't going to happen, the kind, smoke show of a host took pity on us and whispered in my ear "head over to DelRey, it's our sister restaurant and you'll love it" What a wonderful surprise! We had incredible tapas and beautiful beverages made by a beautiful bartender, the perfect combo!  It's not Studio54 but the rule still applies....if you want the table, dress the part and you'll slide right in. 

DelRey is tiny with big vibes, so get there early for great people-watching and one of the best poolside sunsets in the desert.  We also adore Workshope Kitchen & Bar  and stumbled into Farm and had an excellent meal, impromtu.  

We love brunch.  We are loyal to Cheeky's but also love the classics like Arnold Palmers and the pretties like Bar Azucar

The Cathedral City Design District is one of those "if you know, you know"  places.  It is a tiny spot just off of hwy 111 and it is packed with rare vintage furniture. Scout Palm Springs is the new kid on the block and brainchild behind the Hewn empire in San Francisco. Pop in to Hedge to see large scale vintage art, furniture and lighting, it's just next door to Scout in Cathedral City and the finds are rare. This secret area continues to attract designers from famous London to New York for a reason.

The Shops at 1345 are a collection of pint sized shops in an iconic E. Stewart Williams designed building and the treasures are aplenty! I bought a vintage gold lion necklace and a pair of fuzzy slippers, to be worn on days I am not feeling inspired but need to be a designer.  I also scored a great pair of vintage Christian Dior sunglasses at this shop a few years ago!  You may also run into a celeb or two, they quietly mill about on the weekends.

Some of the best desert apparel shopping is on El Paseo, but since you took the drive to get there, pop into The Fine Art of Design just off the shopping strip for the best vintage clothes and if you adore vintage, the hunt is real.  Start here and here for diving deep and finding those rare cheetah jackets and leather vests! 

Our favorite Instagrammable spots range from the airport to the Hotel California but if you want a more extensive list, check out this travel blogger Dymphe, she's got all the clever spots so you can work your gram all the way to @Coachella back.  

Remember to download the Coachella app. Like Disneyland, you'll be more organized and never miss a show if you have the tools 

Don't forget to hit the dispensaries! Our favorite festival strain is Sour Diesel. It's a little old school but it promised to be uplifting and will help you leave your real-life worries behind!  In Palm Springs, the dispensaries are aplenty. Obviously, you want to go to the chicest spot, so pop into Beyond Hello or for more of a party vibe, Cookies Palm Springs. 

Cannabis isn't technically allowed in the Coachella venue so be chic & discreet and bring your KellyGreen Pouch No.1 so you can stay safe and out of trouble. You can swing into Scout Palm Springs and pick one up on the way in.

It's going to be warn and the sun is strong, even in April. Remember to pack sunscreen and be amazing out there.  We will be waiting on the IG photos and cheering you on!