cannabis cocktails for newbies

High for The Holidays

I accidentally got high on my way to Thanksgiving this year.  And when I say it was an accident, it truly was.  I have been taking small amounts (3-4 drops) of my new favorite tincture, Lovely Day by Cosmic View almost daily for about a month.  It is a good stress reliever and can also help me feel extra productive on those days when nothing is happening for me, creatively. 

3-4 drops.  That's been the go-to dosing strategy.  On Thanksgiving, I felt like I could double it, just for fun and instead of drinking alcohol.  I wasn't hosting and didn't have a ton of responsibilities so I took 7 drops.  About halfway to our destination, I looked over at Jesse and said, "I'm high".  Like, pretty high. Not wasted but definitely not sober.  I got through it with a brisk walk in the cold and some water, but for me, that wasn't EVER the plan and in so many ways, I should know better.  I plan to DO better this Christmas as we host the holidays while trying to avoid a hangover! 
Here are a few things to consider when using cannabis during the holidays....
1.  Stick with what you know.  If a few drops of your favorite tincture work well for you, don't double it just because it's Christmas Eve, that's just asking for trouble. 
2.  Trick the system.  It is generally agreed that 2.5 mg of THC is a low dose.   If you are drinking cannabis beverages in lieu of alcohol this year, do it like a pro and make two cocktails out of the recommended serving (generally 2.5 mg) of thc.  That means you cut the beverage strength in HALF with 1.25 mg drinks, and for me, that pace is just right.  Tip: by adding sparkling water to a low-dose cannabis beverage, you can carry on with a cannabis beverage in your hand for most of the night and stay cheerful and productive and not turn into a zombie or pass out on the sofa before dinner is served (you know who you are).
3.  Don't mix and match your cannabis.  This is not a recommendation, but, rather, a stern warning. If you're smoking, smoke.  If you're eating edible chocolate, stick to that. But mixing strains and different strength products can quickly go south your favorite grandmother.
4.  Don't take random cannabis.  If your cousin brings a tray of cannabis brownies, it's a HARD PASS.  How much cannabis did he use?  Which strain?  How much is a small dose?  How do you measure it?  How long goes it take to kick in?  These are all valid questions you simply don't know the answers to.  SKIP.  For me and the women I know and love, brownies are never a good idea. 
If you want to bring cannabis to your holiday party, my favorite sharable Christmas cannabis products are as follows:
Artet aperitif for easy cocktails by the fire.  
Pure Beauty 10-Pack mini pre-rolls.  Pass them out, watch the party begin!
Cosmic View Lovely Day Tincture for pre-holiday jitters.  (see above Thanksgiving tale for dosing suggestions)
Humbolt Alothecary Blues Awa tincture.  If I am planning to make a cannabis beverage at home, it needs to be alcohol based and that means it has to be Humbolt Alothecary Blues Away.  This is a cbd/thc product that blends well with beverages.  Oil-based tinctures tend to float to the top and make for an unpleasant cocktail experience.  I have found that this tincture is perfect for cannabis cocktails. 
Your family is coming, cannabis can help.