MJ Lifestyle featuring Rogue Paq X KellyGreen collaboration bag

MJ Lifestyle featuring Rogue Paq X KellyGreen collaboration bag

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To say we are thrilled doesn't EVEN do it justice....we are FLIPPING OUT over here at the KellyGreen office! First of all, if you don't read MJ Lifestyle, it is a gorgeous "forever" magazine purchase, meaning it is more like a coffee table book than a magazine.

Second, being on the same page as these incredible female founders is such a big deal to me.  Here's why these founders are well worth a follow on The Gram....

Jess Cadmus is my collaboration partner on this bag @roguepaq and my east coast interior-designer-turned-cannabis-designer friend!   She has taken her cannabis accessories from a napkin sketch to the marketplace and is leading the way with her cannabis carrying cases.  We were lucky enough to team up with her and put a KellyGreen spin on things this fall and our collab bag is almost sold out

Marcia @mymilligram is a local hero.  After years of writing fancy food reviews for Tablehopper, she launched MyMilligram, a go-to for all things cannabis product related.  You name it, she's tried it and has written about it, so she is an incredible resource if you are looking for a particular product or some good ole fashioned dosing information.  Also, she's San Francisco cool. If you are in the mood for a holiday box, her holiday cannabis box is perfect.  I especially like that this is a low dose box, meaning, low amounts of THC.  Great for beginners and pros alike. 

Tonic + Mender collaborative gift set is a meeting of the minds.  Mender was founded by one of my newest favorite female founders (and past editor at MJ Lifestyle) April Cole Worley and this CBD set is worth every penny.  Also, the packaging is so right now. It's all you need to get through the winter. 

And finally, the woman behind ALL things female + all things cannabis is Jen Skog of Moon Mother Hemp.  Jen is the editor of MJ Lifestyle and a local NorCal girl.  I have yet to meet her in person, but she is doing good work and changing the stigma of cannabis one beautiful issue of MJ Lifestyle at a time.  This is the kind of magazine you give your mother.  With swoon-worthy images and articles that are totally relatable, these are the women changing this cannabis industry.  Get a copy.  This is what matters. 

Happy shopping, ladies!