Cannabis cocktails for the WIN!

Last night we decided to try some cannabis-infused sparkling THC water and here's what we learned.... ⁠

First of all, it was delicious and I mean it. It didn't taste like cannabis one bit, which I actually thought was nice. We split one can of the blood orange and cardamon by @drinkcann and it went down like water. I'm talking faster than a White Claw on Christmas Day with my parents, so my first thought was "oh, careful....this is easy drinking" ⁠

I felt slightly high, which for ME means just a little bit altered and a little less focused. I felt totally under control mentally and do feel this is a beverage I could drink socially in lieu of wine or a cocktail. ⁠

The husband had a second can to himself and felt relaxed and chill. This morning I feel snappy and alert and NOT hungover like I do with wine.⁠

If you are planning to try cannabis cocktails this holiday season, just remember to take it slow and low and pay attention to the serving size.⁠