Have You Talked to Your Family about Cannabis?

Have you talked to your family about cannabis? Passed a Pax around the campfire with your folks?
I’ve been gently passing on information to my Mom for years now. She is gracious and open but also a little scared. the cannabis in her state does not look or feel like cannabis in California. Sophisticated packaging and copious amounts of information and testing are just starting to appear. So when she suffered a fall in the snow over the holiday, I started with topicals and when they didn’t touch her pain, we stepped up to low dose edibles. Those worked for about 4 hours at a time.
The thing is, if my 64-year-old mother can find pain management with cannabis, maybe we all can.
We used the Petra mints by Kiva in 2.5 mg and hung out at home (a safe environment is key) to see how she would feel. She felt in constant control and her pain really dissipated. When the mint started to wear off, she surprisingly asked for another mint. And there you have it. Micro-dosing for the win.
She’s back home now and I’m hoping we can find a similar brand for her to use in lieu of her 800 mg of ibuprofen.