Better together!

Was that a wild week or what? Oh, and it's not even Friday.
This week's theme: We are better together.

I'm a solo-preneur. But this week has been ALL about collaborations. And I don't mean the kind where you get a random DM that just says "want to collab?" and nothing more. This week was the real deal.

What I mean when I say "COLLAB" is.... female founders, all-hands-on-deck, big ideas, explosive-energy, shared talent, neverending support, cheering one another on, giving ACTUAL helpful answers to the tough questions.

It's designing something with someone else in hopes that what you do together is better than what you do solo....a win-win.

I feel....⁠
1. Exhausted. It's a new level of thinking when you aren't in your personal design cave grinding it out solo.⁠
2. Energized. I feel truly energized by the positive energy of my fellow creatives and the big ideas we have when we put our big designer brains together.
3. Hopeful. I am hopeful that by designing beautiful products, we are helping to break down the stigma of cannabis.
4. Supported. We did an Anna Wintour @masterclass at @parkvictorian and had a sleepover. Have you had a sleepover lately? It's kind of amazing. We laughed, drank wine and watched in awe as one of the world's most intriguing creatives looked us in the eyes (no black glasses!) and shared how she runs @Vogue and now @condenast.

SO this week, I collaborated and I think I want more.... we are bringing better products to market because we are two minds working towards the same beautiful thing. I am talking about THOSE kinds of collaborations. We are female designers doing real work...and it's getting reallllllly good.