2020: A Look Back at The Wins

I'm an optimist.  But.  What. A. Year.

I always make a practice of writing down to-do's, goal setting, planning and manifesting for the year ahead. I was listening to the @secondlife podcast last week and the topic of acknowledging your successes came up. The idea here is that we so often make plans and check-off lists, but do we look back at what we actually accomplished instead of always looking ahead at what MORE we feel we should be achieving? 

If you asked me to name my 2020 accomplishments out loud, I would have struggled to give myself credit for much of anything. But when prompted to write down my 2020 wins, to my surprise, the list is actually pretty okay! Here are some positive wins that happened in 2020 in spite of a pandemic, financial challenges and overall uncertainty about the state of our country and of my life.

Partnered with @ONA.life to launch KellyGreen x ONA delivery to Auburn, CA, a cannabis desert. #cannabistothepeople

Connected with hundreds of women about cannabis and talked freely for hours with them about how to use cannabis in their lives and during a pandemic

Knocked down 43 prototypes for the KellyGreen line of cannabis accessories with talented female makers and designers alike.

Pulled myself out of a covid induced winter-into-summer mild depression.

Started cooking without oil or butter. Result: healthier meals and weight loss.

Did Pilates consistently even when I wanted to stay in bed.

Bought a What To Eat @eatingwell magazine and read it cover to cover so I can be a wiser grocery shopper and meal maker for my loved ones. (did I mention I hate to cook? Thanks for nothing, pandemic)

Built an ALL female Advisory Board for my business adding layers of value to my company and going from "ME" to "WE". Goodbye #solopreneur !

Started my much needed education regarding the world climate crisis @janefonda @thedissenters by reading On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal (Naomi Kline)

Got into some serious podcasts that helped me build a better business, be a better leader and lead my team in ways that I did now know where possible @howibuiltthisnpr @secondlifepod @veronicadagher

Learned that fundraising is one of the hardest things I have ever done and is the opposite of designing beautiful spaces and products @lizziecurtis.

Stayed married during a pandemic while sheltering in place @jessepassafiume

Squeezed in a trip to Paris pre-pandemic and on a terribly tight budget for one of the most inspirational design trips of my life with some of my favorite designers #whateverittakes @laurielandsness @hewnsf @parisdecooff_official @philipjefferies @meganvanlinda

Upgraded my office and turned it into a gorgeous design lab and home away from home.

Effectively helped with homeschooling.

Survived a little bout of skin cancer.

Invested in myself @skinmedicalspasf @sacredsoulmassage @esthetics_by_teshara and some much needed spiritual leveling @riaraysee

Now you do it....make your list.  You did more than you might think!