12 Days of Cannabis Gifting: Day 2 The Gift of Flower

The Gift of Flower

I am constantly on the hunt for new flower strains + exciting terpene profiles for the holidays.

Gift yourself by skipping the regularly scheduled cocktail. Head to your local dispensary + pick up some of my current favs. If that’s not your scene, try @getsava for chic+ discrete delivery.

Here is what I’m loving right now…
1. Evening with lover (Train Wreck): anxiety relieving Sativa
2. Go the distance (Sour Dream): sexy, uplifting +energetic
3. Next level (Granddaddy Purp): fan fav to lower inhibitions
4. Cuddle town (Yumbolt): offers mellow pain relieving high

If you’re feeling adventurous check out the top 7 Cannabis Strains of 2018 according to @leafly link in bio. Xo kelly