12 Days of Cannabis Gifting: Day 1 The Perfect Pen


 The Perfect Pen

This is my girls-night-out cannabis pen by @bloomfarms. I prefer being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when the sun goes down, so I use the Daytime blend. It provides a cheerful social high and is an all-around good time pen that can be discretely passed around the Christmas Party without causing much of a fuss. (pro-tip: respectfully check in with your host before offering cannabis to guests, not everyone is cannabis-cozy)

If you are shopping for cannabis pens this holiday season, here is a refresher on what to ask for and look for before you buy...

1. Organically grown cannabis
2. Clean test details on the label (no pesticides, no mold, no mites)
3. Extracted with C02 extraction methods
4. 100% cannabis oil (no additives)
5. Proper product labeling to determine the effect

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