KellyGreen is one of California's most innovative female-focused cannabis brands. Founded in 2017 by Kelly Keiser, KellyGreen is the go-to for chic + discrete cannabis enthusiasts and the design-obsessed alike. 

Design matters. Kelly is a seasoned San Francisco interior designer whose attention to detail, devotion to quality and pulse on the design world makes her the perfect cannabis designer. Kelly serves as brand ambassador for a handful of like-minded cannabis brands as well as creating high-quality, thoughtfully designed products under the KellyGreen label.

This is not just a product line. It is a revolution. Kelly is changing the face of cannabis. She is eliminating the stigma and replacing it with power and beauty. She is taking the fear out of the unknown and replacing it with knowledge.  

And now, Kelly is building a brand that redefines cannabis for women from the boardroom to the bedroom.  To Kelly, the new face of cannabis is the female CEO and the power mom alike. Kelly has created thoughtfully designed products to accommodate the chic + discrete.   She believes discretion is of the utmost importance no matter how open (or not) you are about your love of this healing plant.    

This is the perfect storm. Now. Not tomorrow. Today. In California. Because that's where it all began and that's where it's being reinvented.

Bespoke. Custom. One-of-a-kind. Products that are finally aligned with your lifestyle and look perfectly in place in your home and inside of your handbag.