New Year, New To-Do's!

Its 2022, ladies.  A fresh new year.  New beginnings.  New projects.  But the things that held you back last year will hold you back this year if we don't change our ways, and fast.  Write a resolution or don't, it doesn't matter to me.  Vision board?  Great, do it.  But however you choose to fill your tool box, make it worthwhile...substantial, gritty and filled with knowledge you can use in this fresh new year to win!
Here are a two of my go-to reads for creating the company of your dreams.  First, I am recommending a book I wish I had read 10 years ago.  In lieu of going to Wharton Business School or dating/befriending Wharton grads and peppering them with business questions late into the night, this is your book. It is called The Personal MBA- Mastering The Art Of Business and I swear to you, it has saved me in meetings and helped me understand some business basics that have proven to be invaluable.  I also love Seth Godin's book Shipping Creative Work so much it sits on my desk at all time.  When I am feelingless than inspired, I pop it open and remember to "just do the work" (Thanks, Seth. Can we please be friends?) 
Can't really talk books without talking podcasts, can we?  The loveliest San Francisco cannabis educator and podcast host  Ellen Lee Scanlon is killing it with How To Do The Pot , a fun and educational listen about cannabis best practices, tales from the trenches of cannabis world and great tips and takeaways on using cannabis. On my longer drives back and forth from the mountains near Tahoe to San Francisco, I go deep with Boss Babe Podcast  (silly name, not silly podcast) which fills me with motivation and advice plus real life to-do's to successfully grow my business.  But my latest go-to is Second Life where Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr interviews women who are in their second career and really killing it. I'm still a sucker for a good TED talk and of course, How I Built This , 100 Women to Hear and Tales from the Top for great stories and true inspiration when I am feeling low. 
For DTC business owners, I recommend Add To Cart and if you are manufacturing ANYTHING, Business of Fashion is great as they explore how we might fix the issue of excess in the world through policy change and rethinking fast-fashion.   
I love Positively Gotham Gal with  Joanne Wilson. I feel like we are friends, but really, I just bother her on social asking for fancy restaurant recs when I'm in NY and listening to her interviews on repeat hoping to someday understand venture. 
My dirty little secret podcasts are My Favorite Murder and of course, Lena Dunham x Alyssa Bennett on The C-Word
Start here.  Happy 2022!