She said, “We are Better Together”...

She said, “we are better together”... This phrase kickstarted my morning meeting with one of my favorite designers.
As female founders, we have choices about how and WHO we support, cheer on and of course, collaborate with.  We can choose to support each other or we can choose to compete with each other.  Bottom line.  So why aren't we doing MORE talking, creating and collaborating?  Why aren't we going beyond the Gram ❤️’s and diving deeper to support each other and bring our products, designs, and art into the market?  Can we go faster and build something bigger if we pull our resources and open our hearts and minds to what is possible?  I think YES!! As a creative, the energy, excitement, and power that I get and give from working with like-minded women creatives is by far the most fulfilling part of being a female founder.  We can create better products, more thoughtful designs and solve the world's design dilemmas together.
This morning's meetings solidified what I have known but needed to be reminded of about female creatives and entrepreneurs.  We are better together.
Collaboration X exciting products to follow....buckle up!