Listen to this...

Listen to this...

I drove 9 hours yesterday.  It was brutal, city and highway, and there may not be enough CBD in the world to help my back this morning, but guess what?  I had 9 hours of podcasts from female founders and leaders that motivated me in a real way. 

I drove 9 hours yesterday.  It was brutal, city and highway, and there may not be enough CBD in the world to help my back this morning, but guess what?  I had 9 hours of podcasts from female founders and leaders that motivated me in a real way.  

Driving used to stress me out, but since it is a thing I can not avoid, I decided to make it a positive.  The reality is, I need constant motivation and need to motivate my team every day. I listen to the most incredible podcasts, and when I get out of the car after a long day of driving,  I share what I learned and have so much to bring to the table.  

I started with @bossbabeinc and moved into @theinfluencerpodcast.  Both are filled with serious educational information for entrepreneurs and creatives and are completely female-centric, which is right up my alley.  If you haven't tuned in, do it. I even pull over and make notes when I have that ah-ha moment. It's THAT good.  

I got 9 podcasts into my 9 hour drive yesterday and today I feel so filled with motivation and information.  I feel like it was the perfect reset after a week of family vacation! 

Here are my top 4 favorites from yesterdays drive-a-thon!  If you want to grow your business and expand your mind, download these lovelies and hit the road! 

Building a Skincare Business, Hiring The Best Team and Using Vision Boards to Manifest Your Goals with Allison Mcnamara

Queen of content, Allison Mcnamara is a great storyteller.   As I drove, she dove right into her entrepreneurial journey and shared it all.  Allison is the ultimate influencer creating digital content for Who What Wear, Pop Sugar and Refinery 29.   She opens up about what’s trending, being an influencer and owning and running her skincare line Mara. If you have serious business and life goals, turn this up and take notes.  She is a true leader and will leave you feeling fired up and ready to tackle the world!   Oh, and I am knocking down a new vision board today.....woot- woot!

The Energy Episode: Beat The Stress Addiction Loop, Build a High-Performance Lifestyle & Managing Your Subconscious for Success with Daniel Thomas Hind

To be completely honest, for me, this hit home.  Nothing like crying and driving and having an ah-ha moment all at the same time.  This is all about the truly toxic stress addiction loop and it was a HUGE wake-up call for me.  Layered into this eye-opener is some straight-up truth about stress addictions from drugs and alcohol to food.  My drug is food and I am guilty of stress eating, so this one was hard to hear, but changed my mindset around the cycle of stress eating, feeling guilty the next day and then obsessing over that guilt and letting that be a distraction from my business.  Big stuff.  

The Money Mindset Episode: From Being in Debt to Owning a 7 Figure Company, Rewriting Financial Limiting Beliefs & Stepping Into Your Highest Self With Emily Williams

Guilty as charged.  But so many of us are.  I am in the midst of rewriting my own financial story as I go from solopreneur to entrepreneur, creating and practicing better money habits and pivoting my belief around worth and higher self is critical.  The expert is a midwest girl who left the states for London and launched a successful money coaching business that is helping women get their money in order while elevating their beliefs around financial goals and worth.  She is straight forward and I liked it.  

Using Your Menstrual Cycle to Perform Even Better in Business, Post-Birth Control Syndrome & Healing Hormone Imbalances with Dr. Jolene Brighten

Okay, I rolled my eyes and kept driving as I let my @bossbabeinc podcast roll from one episode to the next, but I was in traffic and didn’t want to look down to fast forward.  The truth is, I am so glad I pushed through and listened to this one. It is totally hippie-dippie sounding, which is usually not my thing at ALL, but it made complete sense to me.  Oh, and Jolene is a crazy smart doctor and successful businesswoman who I am now following. The takeaway? Your menstrual cycle, the moon, and your business should line up perfectly and can with just a little planning.  Feeling fatigued right before your period? There is a task you should be focused on that is just perfect for that time of the month!  

These are worth the listen, ladies!  Dive in, multi-task and drive safe!