Manufacturing in the great US of A

We are in the throes of creating the most beautiful cannabis brand the world has ever seen. I mean, we are really IN IT right now. ⁠

Have you manufactured anything in the US lately? It isn't impossible, and it's a huge part of our brand values, but girlfriend, it is NOT easy. ⁠

So far this week I have nailed down a tech pack designer (thats a person who does a blue print of your product for your factory), worked on adjusting my candle silkscreen logo, (it was too small and the gold looked like green, fail!) and pulled forward one of our 2022 products.  I think you will be wild for it!!  I've spend hours on the phone talking with my team and getting support and knowledge dropped on me call after call. ⁠

To say this is a period of great growth and learning is an understatement.⁠  Making things matters.  Making things where you live matters.  Creating jobs, creating community and creating value matters.  This journey has not always been pretty, but I have to say, it is always fulfilling.