Lets talk about CBD

I want to talk about CBD.  It's everywhere right now and it's made its way into my skincare regimen as of around January. 
If you work long hours in front of a computer, puffy eyes are inevitable, even if your skin is otherwise amazing.  And for me, when I sleep, I REALLY sleep, which means I wake up with creases on my decollete.  I received this L'fleur roller ball eye detox in the mail and although it works well on puffy eyes, I randomly used it on my decollete creases one morning and guess what?  They literally disappeared within minutes.  I keep mine in the fridge for a cooling and invigorating wake-me-up!

Do you know what to look for in a CBD skincare line? 
Start here... 1.  High does of CBD are best, but low does options can work well on sensitive areas like under the eyes.  I like my main face ream to have at least 500 mg of CBD per bottle, 1500 is what I prefer.
2.  Know what you are putting on your skin!  Make sure the company providing skincare in their products participates in 3rd party testing and properly lists all of the ingredients.
3.  Try oils and creams on other areas of your body like the neck and chest, you may be surprised at the results. 
4.  CBD isn't magic, just like other skincare, what works on one skin type may not work on another.  Its a little bit of trial and error, so be patient! 
And last but not least...what CBD skincare lines are you using and how have you liked them?