Kelly's Favorite Cannabis Right Now

Kelly's Favorite Cannabis Right Now

Believe me when I say my KellyGreen Pouch is stocked.  Here are my favorite California craft cannabis products and why I love them.

What are you carrying in your KellyGreen Pouch No.1? Our GGG is a great start to navigating the dispensaries and delivery menus, but let's be honest, we are JUST scratching the surface with Page No.1 of the guide. We get it and are building the pages for a more in-depth Good Girl’s Guide Page No.2, but in the meantime, finding the latest and greatest products can be an overwhelming experience. Don’t give up. Here are a few of my pro-tips to get you inspired to call your favorite delivery person or to be so brave as to pop into the dispensary on your own this week.

Preparation is the key to success. Know before you go. Most dispensaries have online menus, so read through the menu just like you would if you were going to a new restaurant. Take notes in your phone, and photos are helpful, too.


What kind of product do you want? A vape to replace your glass of rosé after work? A topical to relax sore muscles post-Pilates? Edibles to make your weekend get togethers more fun? Flower to unlock your creativity? Products tend to be sorted by category—once you pick one, you can dive into all the shop’s offerings.

 Note:  Although budtenders are knowledgeable, they are also salespeople and need to move old product off the shelves, so beware when they push.

Here's a quick reference to cannabinoids and terpenes that add depth to your experience:

Sativa effect
Indica effect
CBN – sedative, analgesic, appetite stimulating 
CBG – anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, neuro-protectant
CBD – analgesic, anti-anxiety, appetite regulation
THCV – decreases appetite, anti-inflammatory
Delta9 THC – intoxicating psychedelic effect, relaxation, anti-nausea, appetite stimulant
Delta8 THC – an unregulated and synthetic by-product of converting CBD to Delta 9 THC


Image of KellyGreen Pouch No. 1 with Compass Star Print filled with cannabis products

Believe me when I say my KellyGreen Pouch is stocked.  Here are my favorite California craft cannabis products and why I love them:

Kikoko Tea: I like the blue tin (it’s one of my go-to stocking stuffers), and honestly, perfect for winter by the fire.

Golden Flora Vape Pen Hybrid Naked AF is my chic + discreet go-to and I have one at all times. Stock up, these are amazing, and ONA is having a sale on them this week!

Rose Delights Hibiscus + Super Lemon edibles are made by the incredible Atelier Crenn chef Dominique Crenn and infused with Blue Dream, my forever favorite cannabis strain.

Ok, you know me, I rarely smoke joints, but when I do, my go-to is the Miss Grass Fast Times mini joints. I smoke these adorable minis, perfect for sharing with my girlfriends. They come with irresistibly tiny matches that nestle inside the Hermès orange packaging. Truly chic. The whole joint/match kit fits perfectly into my KellyGreen Pouch with ease.

Martha Stewart knows how to properly roll a joint, do you? If you are up for rolling your own, and you like your high to be fun, chatty, sexy, and upbeat, the Golden State Lava Flower is a great little sativa. 

And then there is chocolate. If you’re going to eat edible chocolates, the Defoncé Chocolate Bar is the crème de la crème. This chocolate bar also makes a great parting gift, post dinner party.

Ok, this one won’t fit in your KellyGreen cannabis pouch but…. Artet’s Founder’s Reserve Aperitif is literally on my bar cart at all times. This seasonal blend is infused with live resin that carries the sweetness, pine, and potency of Aster Farms’ “Honeydew Funk'' from the flower to the bottle. Makes a killer gift and the bottle is handsome, too.

    A budtender is only as good as their understanding of what you’re looking for. We made it simple. Print this list (phones generally aren’t allowed inside the dispensary) and bring it next time you are up for shopping for California craft cannabis.

    If you want to be next level, pick up the Goldleaf Patient Journal to keep track of your cannabis preferences, favorite brands, and go-to’s.  

    Looking for craft cannabis delivery? We get it. 73% of women say they prefer delivery over popping into the dispensary. Our go-to for Northern California craft cannabis delivery is ONA.