How To Shop For Craft Cannabis Online & Get It Delivered To Your Doorstep

Have you had cannabis delivered to your doorstep lately?  If so, you know that reading an online cannabis menu can be a daunting exercise. 

Here are my tips for how to shop for craft cannabis online!

1.   Start by answering the question  "How do I want to feel?"  Ask yourself what you looking to achieve with this cannabis experience.   Are you trying to solve a problem like anxiety or lack of sleep? Or do you just want to swap your cocktail for cannabis to avoid a mid-week hangover? 

2.  Get educated about brands.  Every good brand has an accompanying and stellar website with reviews, testing information and proper dosing suggestions.  If the brand you are looking into doesn't have this, I personally won't purchase or support the company.

3.  Learn how to read the packaging. When I was beginning to use cannabis, I started with low-dose products, meaning products that were 2.5 milligrams or less.  This info will be right on the package just like the ingredients list on any food package.  THEN I pop on to the product website to dig around for full ingredients lists.  Some products like gummies and candies can be really high in sugar so it's always good to sift through the details online before committing to a product. 

4.  Take half of the recommended dose to start.  You can always take more cannabis, you can never take less. 

5.  Ask a girlfriend.  Don't have a cannabis-loving girlfriend?  I'm here for you.  Shoot me a DM and we can talk through it like old pals.

6. Use a cannabis concierge. They are real-life humans who can answer brand-related questions. If your cannabis delivery service doesn't offer this service, find one that does.

Live in Nothern California?  My go-to for buying cannabis online is obviously 

Stay chic + discrete.



*Medical Disclaimer* – The information provided herein is provided for information purposes only. As such it cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional.