Have You Tried Cannabis for Concentration?

Have you tried cannabis for concentration? Used CBD for focus? Taken a microdose edible? I use cannabis every day in so many ways and for so many reasons! ⠀

Tonight I’m using a CBD tincture for exercise recovery. It’s for soreness and I prefer a full spectrum CBD tincture for pain relief. This is my go-to for post pilates workouts. My badass pilates instructor won’t have to hear me complain tomorrow morning. CBD helps with daily inflammation too. ⠀

Recreationally, I’m loving a few specific strains at the moment, but have had a helluva good time with Lambs Breath and plan to bust it out for Sexy Sunday this weekend! (Between football games, of course, lol) ⠀

And before I hit the hay tonight, I’m using an incredible topical that won the Jack Herrera Cup, a prestigious award in cannabis land. I’m rubbing it on my chest and back for a restful sleep and to help my sore muscles recover quickly. ⠀

Sweet dreams! ⠀