Do You Know How to Place a Serious Cannabis Order like a Boss?

Do you know how to walk up to a budtender and place a serious cannabis order like a boss? ⁠⠀
I get it. You feel confident in your cannabis knowledge. You can talk terpenes profiles and name strains at fancy dinner parties like a pro. You know about cannabis safety and you send articles to your girlfriends. But how do you do when you walk into your local dispensary or pop online to look at a delivery menu? Do you know what to look for in a strain or are you simply going off of friend's recommendations? So many of us are! ⠀
For me, it has been trial and error. Luckily I made friends with farmers early on in my cannabis education and the handholding I received was an enormous help when it came time to shop for products. But in case you aren't rolling around the Emerald Triangle with a girl gang of female farmers, here are my top tips for ordering like a pro at your local dispensary. ⁠⠀
1. Find a dispensary that suits YOU. I like mine to be local, beautifully designed, approachable and friendly with staff that know what they are talking about. If I feel scared to go inside, I skip it and order online. Bottom line.⁠⠀
2. Ask questions. If your budtender is too cool to help you, upgrade to a friendlier one.⁠ ⁠⠀
3. Read the menu and pre-game your order. The average budtender has 2.5 minutes to help each customer, after that, they want to move you along. Be efficient. ⁠⠀
4. Have a contingency plan. If you came for a specific strain and it is not available, ask for the closest next best option. This has lead me to find new strains I love even more than the strain I came into the dispensary for! ⁠⠀
5. Bring your notes. These can be in your phone or in a cannabis journal, but having reference points for what is working, what you like and more importantly, what you don't like is critical to having a good buying experience.⁠⠀
Happy cannabis hunting, ladies!