Dinner with the Girls

Dinner with the girls is always one of my favorite activities. As I head out the door, I always bring a few of my favorite new cannabis products to pass around the table and chat about. After all, I run with a tight group of opinionated girlfriends (mostly interior designers) here in San Francisco...

The cannabis conversations are all about how we are using our favorite products as we move deeper into the fall and winter months. From dry skin problems to sexpot and cannabis lubes, no topics are off-limits these days.

Here are a few of my favorite new products for those fall temperatures and how I am using them right now...

1. CBD serum. I prefer jojoba based CBD oil for my body and at night, for my chest. It helps decrease cleavage sleep lines. I also love this on my legs, they get super dry as the temperatures drop.
2. CBD tinctures are great for me as I am back on my pilates body kick and often need a recovery product to ease the day-after workout soreness.
3. CBD lubes are always a hot topic but I definitely like some brands more than others, as does my partner. Pro-tip: these cannabis lubes expire so keep an eye on the expiration dates.

This winter, remember to stay hydrated, moisturized and book more dates with your girl gang!